Update on 2014 Sultana Reunion

Hello Everyone!

I know you have been waiting for me to send you a final figure to cover certain prepaid items that we incur each year.  I finalized that today!

1) Coach bus–The cost is $20.  This is first come, first serve, of course.  If we should fill it up and have enough overflow, the rental company has a 24 passenger van we can also use.  If we have only a few extra folks, they can follow in their vehicle.

2) Lunch–$9.72 which includes tax.  The caterer will bring our food to the picnic area at the Cairo gunboat site inside the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park.   We will have a sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato, bag of chips, banana, and cookie.  The drink items will be iced tea (unsweetened and sweetened), bottled water and cans of soda. There are two choices to make regarding the sandwich.  When you mail in your checks, tell me if you want your sandwich to be:   1)  ham or turkey  and  2) American cheese, Swiss cheese or no cheese.

3) Dinner–$21.37 (includes tax and gratuity).  This again will be a buffet meal with two entrees and two sides, salad, bread, and either coffee or iced tea to drink. We will be dining at the Holiday Inn motel since they have a projector that Gene will need to give his Saturday evening PowerPoint presentation describing his refurbishing of the 16 foot Sultana movie model that he has been working on for months (a labor of love!).  Earlier, I stated in an email that he rescued the model from the dump which wasn’t worded well and gives the wrong impression–actually, he rescued it from being hauled off to the dump!

4) Sultana Ribbons–$2.00 each.  A great tradition started by our member Richard Troup!  I know everyone appreciates having this important souvenir to show their attendance.

Here’s the grand total for each person:

Bus–            $20.00
Lunch–         $9.72
Dinner–      $21.37
Ribbon–        $2.00
Total:      $53.09 (which you can round down to $53 each).

Please make your checks payable to Norman Shaw and mail them to:
1120 Winding Way Drive, Knoxville, TN,  37923.

Keep in mind that there will be two museum stops that will require payment at the time of our visit of about $5.00 each, the Old Depot Museum and the Old Courthouse Museum.

I have a feeling that we will have an above average turnout this year–let’s see if we can break the 70 mark!  Think of friends and relatives you can invite.

Let me know if you have any questions.

– Norman Shaw

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