Sultana Reunion, April 27-28 in Cincinnati!

Hello All!

I’m a little late but here’s the current information you need to make reservations for the 2012 Sultana Reunion in Cincinnati this coming April 27th (Friday) and April 28th (Saturday):

 We have four speakers planning to speak Friday night at our reunion:

–Mark Willoughby  has done extensive research on the Litherbury shipyard that built the Sultana.  On Saturday, he will direct us to the its current location in Cincinnati.

–Louis Intres from Ark. State Univ. is responsible for a wonderful Sultana display that will start March 6th for a couple of weeks in Marion, AR, the town closest to the shoreline where the Sultana came to its final resting place.  A few years ago Louis also started a Sultana archives at ASU and is now working with the town of Marion to establish a permanent Sultana museum.

–We plan to show Mike Marshall’s professionally made Sultana documentary about 30 minutes long.   He has been working on this project for several years with hopes of eventually making it into a hour length film.
–Gene Salecker, author of the book I told you about, and Jerry Potter, the other author, always have some interesting things to say.


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