Day of Remembrance

This Monday is Memorial Day
It comes ’round ev’ry year.
It was the thirtieth day of May
Now it’s the Monday near.

No matter which day we observe
Just so we remember
To give the praise that they deserve
And don’t forget September.

Some heroes were at Normandy
And some at San Juan Hill.
They gave their lives for you and me.
So honor them we will.

At Gettysburg and at Shiloh
And camped at Valley Forge –
Those warriors would receive, I know
Hurrahs from General George.

They served on land and in the air
And on the rolling sea
In World War One went “over there”
To keep free nations free.

Korea, Nam and now Iraq –
They fought in those lands too.
To all those who did not come back
A big salute to you.

So on this day we won’t forget
To laud them one and all.
We are forever in the debt
Of those who heard the call.

– By Gene Shields, great great grandson of  Joseph Henry Collins, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry (died on the Sultana). Gene passed away a few years ago, but for many years he and Anne came to our annual Sultana reunions – all the way from Texas.  He is greatly missed by us all. He once gave me a copy a small book of poems he wrote called “Patriotic Scribblings.”  I have printed many of them in past newsletters, and I intend to keep posting them here. -Ed.

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